Tuesday, October 16, 2012

6 Years

It's been 6 years today since you left this world.
It's hard to believe it's been so long, it feels like yesterday.
We still miss you loads.
Thanks for the lovely rainbow this morning...

(Picture by Christa Muller, taken October 16, 2012)
May we all remember to extend to everyone care, kindness and understand!
Love you lots Denny/Dennis/Dad/Husband/Son/Brother/Friend

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Come Help Us Remember...

Come Help Me Celebrate the Life of my Sweet Dad Dennis...Date: Friday, October 16, 2009
Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Valley View Cemetery then Village Inn

It's been three years since we lost our sweet Dennis to brain cancer. We can find peace and comfort in joining with others who share our pain and our loss. Please join me for a quiet, joyful celebration of my dad's life!

We will meet at the Valley View Cemetery on 4100 South, just off Bangeter Highway with balloons to release in his memory, at 5:00 p.m.

Then we will go to Village Inn, a favorite of my dad and I's, for some Apple Pie Ale Mode...his favorite treat after the cemetery.

Please join me for one, or both, of these celebrations! If you can't join us, please find a time, and a place, to release a balloon in his memory &
Join us for a moment of silence at 7:02 p.m. on Friday the 16th of October!

We miss you so much dad!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

March 4, 2009
Dear Dad,

It's your birthday tomorrow and it's still hard to believe you're not here to celebrate it! We miss you today as much as we did the day you returned "home!" I often reflect on your sweet, friendly smile...
You always had a way with kids, they were drawn to you, they felt something special about you...just as everyone else...but stronger! You were the biggest blessing to everyone you met in your short journey and we all thank our Father in Heaven EVERYDAY that you graced our lives!

Grandma still cries for you, her baby boy, nearly everyday...
she misses her sweet son! We are all blessed to still have her and grandpa in our lives still, a physical reminder that part of you still lives on. Ambree, mom and I stilt talk about you nearly every time we get together. Memories of you are like this great little treasure chest that we get open every now and then and all the joys and pains and laughs and tears come flooding out--we hold them dear to us.
Everyday the lessons you taught each of us, whether to love a little deeper, pray a little longer, laugh a little more often or catch the ball a little bit higher...
we're thankful you taught us. I often wonder, now that you've gone "home," if you understand the mark you left on the world. Yet, I still don't think you do, for it will take the eternities and many generations to come to fully understand your impact! We love you!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here we go!!!

Dad's boys are goin' to the Super Bowl! If anything, watch this video for the catchy tune...it grows on ya! This one's for you dad...
(you may need to stop music player at the bottom)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday Favorites: Apple Pie

Dad--loved, loved, loved him some apple pie...which had to be warm at serving time and smothered in vanilla ice cream (he was a bit picky about his pie!)

I personally have NEVER been fond of the warm appley dessert....until lately! I have been CRAVING the taste! Maybe it's because it makes me think of him...or maybe it's just delicious!
Happy Pie Eating!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Favorites: BYU

Much to my dismay, dad loved BYU football! He was a devoted fan who often flaunted the blue and white. Tomorrow I'm sure he'll be cheering from above for the Cougars!!! (Too bad they'll loose! :)

So for you dad...(gulp, smirk)
(That was very painful!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Favorites: Mountain Dew

From here on out there will be Favorite Friday's on dad's blog!

Dad loved, loved. loved Mountain Dew! I can rarely remember a time when I didn't climb in his truck and find a mug of the Dew! How he could love the nasty, yellowish-green liquid I don't know! But here's to the Dew--a dad MUST-HAVE! (This picture of Mountain Dew Christmas tree cracked me up and thought was appropriate for this time of year!)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Super Steeler Fan

Dad was a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan and some of my favorite memories are cheering on the black and gold with dad on Sundays! The Super Bowl the year before dad died, the Steelers won and I'm so glad they got one more in while he was here to cheer em on!

Dad fell asleep with his Terrible Towel...now there's a TRUE fan!

Watch the game on FOX at around 2:00 (I think!)
I'll be watching dad...wishing you were here!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Message to You...

Tonight we gathered in love, peering back at the sweet memories we shared with you...

The balloons we released on the day of your funeral stand in our memories as we hold our own today...
We release them into the air with a message attached, a message of love a message of sorrow a message of hope...
Looking up at them, hoping they get to you. It's our only way of reaching the heavens, our way of reaching you...
We reflect on our time there two years ago, missing you, loving you, thanking God for you...
We gather as your mother, your father, your daughter, your wife, your grandson, your brother, your sister, your friend....
Sharing a laugh, a hug, a smile...
A whisper of promise that we will see you again...
A note from a grandson who misses you so...

We all miss and love you and not a days goes by we don't think of you!

Two Years Ago...

Two years ago at this time (12:36 p.m.) we didn't know we were we spending out last 12:36 with dad. The feeling in our home that day was like nothing I have felt before. Filled with angels to carry him home I imagine, it was the most "still" day in my memory.

In my short life I've been with several people as they left this life and moved onto the next. Each time I am reminded of how calming and gently we move to the other side of the veil, this time was no different. Dad wanted his family by his side and he was surrounded when his journey ended.

It was this very day two years ago that I found myself lying on his chest...listening to every single heart beat, wondering if another would follow. As distinctly as I remember anything I remember lying there on his chest for hours listening to every "thump." That night, two year ago, I lay listening with my ear pressed to him chest, mom holding his hand, Ambree his other and Iszacc curled up at his side. That's when I heard it, the last "thump" followed by nothing.... it was quiet and somber yet peaceful and hopeful.

As I try and make it through my day at work, a tear will suddenly drip down my cheek. The world feels and sounds a lot like it did this day two years ago. It's loud, but quiet, fast paced yet frozen, full yet empty. Everything and everyone are moving along their normal work day, yet I'm stuck working my normal work day yet feeling nothing normal at all. His smile and laughter ring in my head, his gently sincere voice echos in my head and I miss him. I miss his as much as I did that moment I stopped hearing the "thump" of his chest two years ago.

This photo, this photo shown above gives me peace. It was a time when we could laugh with him (or "At him" as he would accuse us) and we'd find joy in the smallest of things.

I know many of you miss him today as much as I, but we must remember the joys that we faced through the heartbreak, the laughter that drowned the tears and the hope that heals the wounds.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Come Join With Us!


THURSDAY OCTOBER 16, 2008 BETWEEN 6:00 AND 7:00 P.M. at


For it is a rare moment when we get a glimpse of heaven, few get such a glimpse and ever fewer get a close up encounter. But for those of us who knew my dad, we know that we are among those lucky few. My dad was only here for a short time, but he accomplished more in his lifetime that most will ever dream of. He was our gift--if only for a moment and now, two years later we still long to hear him, see him, feel him, laugh and cry with him.

I have made this blog as a gift...to all the many people who loved him dearly and who still long for him in their life. I am one of those people, a daughter missing her dad, her best friend and her guidance. I miss him and for me, maybe this is just a way to get me through the days, a way to let me reflect on his life or maybe this is for many others who still feel a little empty without him!

Please send your stories, your thoughts, your poems, your pictures, your sadness your joys and we can all remember our sweet angel Dennis together. Leave your comments, everyone can even if you list yourself as Anonymous. I will post here often, stories, reflections, memories and thoughts so remember him always and return here often.

With Love,